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Your gutters exist to manage water flow and keep it from the foundation of your home. Keeping your gutters clean and free flowing is important. Water and debris can get clogged inside your gutters causing it to become very heavy. When this happens your gutters can pull away from your house causing hundreds; if not thousands of dollars of damage. Regular gutter cleaning can protect your home and your wallet.

Marshall Cleaning Service provides different gutter cleaning packages for all types of homes and various types of gutter systems. Marshall Cleaning Service provides reliable and professional service you can trust.


Marshall Cleaning Service provides a wide range of exterior cleaning services because we know your homes deserves it. There is more to your home than just your gutters.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Maintain Your Gutter System

Leaking Basements and Cracked Foundations: Did you know that clogged gutters are the number one cause of basement water leaks? Did you also know that most home insurance policies do not cover water damage caused by leaking roofs or clogged gutters? If your gutters do not move water away from your foundation, the puddling water will just be standing there against your foundation, causing it to weaken and eventually crack. We know homeowners who have spent thousands of dollars to repair flood damage caused by clogged gutters.

Rotted Wood: When gutters are filled to the top with debris, the debris acts as a wick, and continually draws moisture up to the wood fascia boards and even up to the roof sheathing and framing boards. The result is rotting wood, sometimes visible, but frequently hidden from view until the roof starts leaking or the gutters start to sag or fall off.

Breeding Ground for Insects, Plants and Critters: Debris left in a gutter can create a dam, causing ponds of water inside your gutters. These conditions are ideal for breeding mosquitoes and other insects. Some critters such as mice and birds also like to make their homes in clogged gutters. Some gutters have been clogged so long that plants and trees start growing in them.

Sagging Driveways and Walkways: When clogged gutters overflow, the water can settle near driveways, walkways, and foundations, instead of being diverted away from your house. Over time, this water can get under the concrete and wash some of the soil away, causing sagging and cracking.


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