Marshall Cleaning Service provides professional dryer vent cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. When your dryer is functioning poorly, it is likely due to a clogged or debris-filled dryer vent line. Lint, debris, and other common sources of dryer vent clogs can not only affect the efficiency of your dryer, but they can also be a serious fire hazard, or possibly carbon monoxide poisoning.


According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 15,000 fires are sparked every year by clothes dryers. Lint and other debris can build up in your dryer vent, reducing air flow to the dryer, backing up dryer exhaust gases, creating a fire hazard.


Our dryer vent cleaning services remove the fire hazards from your dryer vent line and offer many other benefits related to your dryer’s performance. By restoring the right airflow throughout your dryer vent line, you can reduce drying time, improve energy efficiency, and decrease wear on your dryer and clothes.




Keep Your Home & Family Safe


Obstructed dryer vents are the source of thousands of house fires every year. People often ignore or don't recognize the signs of a clogged dryer vent, and this seemingly small oversight can have disastrous results, including the loss of life and property. The best way to prevent house fires from starting in or around your dryer is to have Marshall Cleaning Service take a look at your dryer vent system.


Save Time


As your dryer vent becomes clogged, drying time gradually increases. While you may not notice the extra few minutes at first, the drying cycle will continue to take longer as the vents become more clogged until you eventually have to run a second cycle in order to dry clothes completely.


You can reclaim your time that would be lost to extended or repeated drying cycles by having Marshall Cleaning Service clean your vents!


Increase Efficiency


If you’re spending extra time to dry clothes completely due to a clogged dryer vent, you are also spending extra on utilities. Extended or extra drying cycles also mean your clothes will be subjected to more wear and weathering. Calling Marshall Cleaning Service will shorten your drying time, you’ll use less power and save your clothing from excessive damage.



* Visual Inspection: Our service begins with a thorough visual inspection during which an experienced technician will assess your dryer vent system and recommend the services that will best solve your dryer vent issues.


* Measurements: Airflow and back pressure measurements are taken in order to further assess the severity of the blockage and other problem sources.


* Debris & Clog Removal: Lint, animal nests, stray socks or undergarments, and other items and materials that may clog your dryer vent are removed.


* Line Sanitizing: Animal nests or other debris often found in vent lines can be a source of harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi; where there is a potential for such contaminants. Marshall will alert you to these areas of your vent so you can have the infected area of your vent replaced.


* Booster Fan Cleaning: Dryer vent lines that are 30-40 feet or longer should have a booster fan installed, which should also be cleaned annually along with your dryer vent system as a whole.


* Lint Screen Cleaning: Removing lint by hand from the lint screen or lint trap should, of course, be done after each cycle, but a more thorough lint screen cleaning as part of our dryer vent cleaning service can also increase airflow and efficiency overall.


Marshall Cleaning Service offers thorough dryer vent cleaning to make each vent system we clean safer and more efficient!

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