Get more inquiries, more showings, more traffic, more money and more people talking about your listing.  You will sell your homes faster with fewer walk throughs.  Our Clean Sale is not just cleaning house.  We provide complete packages for both interior and exterior cleaning giving you priority service.  With just one call to Marshall Cleaning Service, we ensure you are “show ready” and get you more money.  From curb to kitchen, we maximize appeal and help you build your reputation as the realtor that sells.


The Clean Sale program saves you time and frustration – and it can help you increase the sale value of your homes.  We call that a win-win!  Clean homes mean happy sellers, happy buyers and happy realtors!

• You’ll be selling a freshly cleaned home with increased curb appeal (which can lead to bigger, better offers!)

• You take a lot of stress out of the process for both yourself and the buyer by having us handle all of your interior and exterior cleaning needs.

• You’ll be better prepared and more confident at showings knowing that the home will be clean and ready to go.

• Relationships with sellers are easier when they are not trying to juggle jobs, family and keeping a home-sale ready.

• Our built-in realtor discount and delayed payment options* make it easier for a client to say yes to what’s good for getting their home ready to sell.

• You will receive a comprehensive overview of the home’s cleaning needs that you can share with the home owners – you’ll have the word of an expert standing behind you!

The Clean Sale is our way of taking the burden of making a home show-ready off the realtor and putting it where it belongs – on our shoulders.  After all, your job is to show and sell houses, not clean countertops and carpet.  This way, you can save time and money by having all the cleaning services you need right at your fingertips, from one local company.

We know getting a home clean can be a challenge.  We can tell you from experience how nice it is to have a little help getting a home sold from the owners point of view.  Today’s schedules are fast-paced and full.  It’s hard to find the time and energy for all the packing and moving stuff that has to get done, let alone keeping the house in show-ready condition.  That’s where we step in and start taking those to-do list items off everyone’s hands.

Simple.  You will build your reputation as the realtor that sells.  A clean home sells.  A clean home brings in higher asking prices which means more profit.  A clean home sells faster.  When both you and your sellers have the peace of mind that their home is "show ready” -- and that our team is behind you 100% keeping it show ready -- without having to sacrifice anything from your busy schedules, a Marshall clean becomes priceless.

Because you get more with Marshall.  It’s easiest, fastest and most affordable to work with just one company.   Our priority scheduling and payment options make it easy for everyone to get clean.  No more juggling multiple services and appointments.   With just one phone call you get it all.

We know your time is valuable, so we have different options to best meet your needs.  We want to help you get started.

Many realtors have taken advantage of our Clean Sale Lunch and Learn for them and their entire office where a Marshall representative shares everything about our program in detail.  Don’t worry, we will provide the lunch!

If your schedule is tight, we can meet with you for a one on one at a location of your choice.  Anything from Starbucks to your office work great!

If your always on the go and have computer access, we can setup a video chat where we will go over the entire program with you.



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1. What level of Clean do you need?

We realize that there is a lot of hard work that goes into selling a house, long before the first offer is even made. That’s why we created the Clean Sale program. Our goal is to take the work and frustration out of the process and help get your homes shiny clean and ready to attract their new owners.

Get a full inspection of the home and an assessment of all your needs
* One simple phone call covers ALL the cleaning services you need
* Inspection covers interior and exterior of home and lot
* Get a full report on the home including breakdown of needs
* Receive payment options

Your residential property isn’t just dirty – it's contaminated. Normal pressure washing simply gets rid of the outer layer of this development and doesn't solve the root of the problem, leaving your surface vulnerable again not long after pressure washing is completed.

Your residential property isn’t just dirty – it's contaminated. Normal pressure washing simply gets rid of the outer layer of this development and doesn't solve the root of the problem, leaving your surface vulnerable again not long after pressure washing is completed.

Your residential property isn’t just dirty – it's contaminated. Normal pressure washing simply gets rid of the outer layer of this development and doesn't solve the root of the problem, leaving your surface vulnerable again not long after pressure washing is completed.

Everything. We take the time to carefully walk the entire property space inside and out. From the curb to the back fence, from the top of the roof to the bottom floor we look at everything. Our report is complete and will explain in detail everything you need to know about getting your home ready to sell. Our inspection report includes pictures and notes about each area of your home. A typical inspection takes us about 90 minutes to complete. We will provide details and pricing for all work that is recommended to be completed.

Easy to Understand Pricing

Decide the services you want and when you want to pay – we’ll handle the rest!
* Detailed report with suggestions and your special pricing
* Digital proposal with electronic signature – no fuss with paperwork
* We get it done in four days – or less! Priority scheduling.

We value our realtors because you are loyal customers who bring us many opportunities to shine. (See what we did there?). You’ll always get our excellent volume pricing because you’re a realtor.  Of course, our recommendations and pricing varies from home to home depending on the services needed, but all costs are clearly covered and easy to find in our report.  In addition, there is an additional discount available for upfront payment.

We have  three options:  pay upfront, pay over time and pay at closing.  You may select whichever suits your budget best.  Not all homes will qualify for the pay at closing option.

The recommendations in the proposal are our assessment for the services that will help you sell your home the fastest and for the most money, based on decades of experience. We understand that sometimes you have to prioritize expenses. We will work with you to customize our services based upon your budget and the needs of your home.

We know that every homeowner’s situation is different, and that when you are selling a home there are a lot of ongoing expenses.  Everybody needs options and getting your home clean is no different.

Paying upfront saves you 10% of your already discounted cost.  Our proposal even has a secure online payment feature where you (or your seller) can pay with a credit card.

If you want to pay over time, 3 equal monthly payments. First payment due at competition of service. Second payment due 30 days after competition of service. Third payment due 60 days after competition of service.

Qualifying homes can pay for our services at closing out of the proceeds of the sale. This means no money out of pocket during the selling process! This is a small origination fee for this payment option, and some restrictions apply. For many, this feature allows you to make the investment into your home and then receive the benefir of a Clean Sale.

3. Clean a little
clean a lot
clean it all in four days

We’ll clean the home, top to bottom, inside and out, in four days or less. That’s it. No need to worry. Your newly listed home will be completely cleaned and ready for pictures, showings, and to be sold.

* Our team of experts specializes in a job well done
* Empty homes can be completed in 24 - 48 hours
* Get show-ready maid service on call
* Get on-demand services as needed
* Emergency services are available.

We start with the interior and work our way all the way out to the curb, deep cleaning both the carpet and floors as well as the windows, siding, gutters, driveway and more.

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Maid Service / House Cleaning

Window and Screen Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Exterior House Wash

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Odor Treatments

Area Rug Cleaning

Driveway, Curbs, Mailboxes, Walkway, Porch, Deck, and Fences

Your client’s home and possessions are safe with us.  Our team is carefully trained in all aspects of their job.  New employees are carefully supervised until they are comfortable and confident doing it right – and our standards for right are pretty high!  We do background checks on all employees and carry the proper licensing and insurance for them to work alone in client’s homes.

The “or less” part applies to homes where we have more access for longer periods of time, because we can get those done faster.  So if a home is unoccupied and we can have 24/7 access to it, we’ll get everything done in 24-48 hours.  If a home is occupied, but the owners can give us a 12 (or more) hour window to work in each day, we’ll get it done in 2-3 days.  But everything gets done in 4 days (barring acts of God, alien abductions and plagues).

We always include a recommendation for ongoing cleaning services.  We understand that your customers are not only stressed over the buying and moving process but that work, kids, family and school don’t take up any less time just because they are selling a home.  Ongoing cleaning takes a load off their minds and their schedules.  Whether it’s a weekly maid cleaning to keep the house spotless for showings, or a bi-weekly clean to help the owners keep things “picked up” while they are managing packed schedules, we’re here to help keep things ready and low-stress.

Marshall also offer emergency and on demand service to help your home look it's best and always be Show Ready!


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