Tile and other hard surfaces are increasingly commonplace in many homes today.  While durable, these surfaces require just as much care and cleaning as carpets, wooden floors, or rugs.  It’s no secret that traffic can be heavy at certain times of the day and on special occasions. Spills and stains appear quickly, transforming your tile floors from beautiful to not so beautiful. Marshall Cleaning Service can extract the dirt from your tile floors, removing it from deep within the pores of the grout. In almost no time, we clean, restore and protect your tired-looking tiles, eliminating the expense that comes with total replacement.


Marshall inspects your floors to determine the best treatment plan. Our trained technicians use a proprietary high-pressure rotary tool with dual rotating jets to clean your tile and grout. We utilize this tool with our state-of-the-art truck-mounted system.  Then we apply specific cleaners that strip away any waxy buildup and extract the dirt from deep within the tile and pores of your grout. Our trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to create a high-pressure water and vacuum combination that suctions the dirt from deep within the tile and grout. The entire process takes about 25 to 50 minutes for an average-size room, but homes with large tiled areas should allow for additional time.


There are several factors to consider when deciding how often Marshall tile cleaning should take place. Cleaning frequency is directly related to the amount of traffic your home has consistently. We are happy to work with you and develop a Marshall Plan for how often your tile and grout needs to be professionally cleaned.

Allow Marshall tile cleaning to arrest your dirt and give your tile the fresh start it needs. Keep your tile and grout looking new by calling Marshall at 865-414-9537.

  • Our process removes the dirt, grime, oil, and bacteria
  • Restores your floors to a like-new appearance
  • We use EPA and environmentally friendly solutions
  • Licensed and insured
  • We specialize in floor care, all work guaranteed
  • Highly Trained Experts
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Patented Technology

Marshall Cleaning Service’s tile cleaning process has revolutionized the way peole see clean–let us help you restore your floors back to their original beauty.

Marshall Cleaning Service is committed to providing the best service along with the most advanced technology in tile & grout cleaning to every customer. We are passionate about clean floors as well as redefining what our customers see as clean. Many first time customers are amazed at the level of clean our equipment can provide. Our trained technicians convey our passion for excellence to every job and to every customer. We look forward to being of service to you!


Your home is no exception.  On any given day, your house takes on a substantial amount of foot traffic. Add bad weather and special occasions to the mix, and it’s easy to understand how floors get dirty. You already know that regular cleanings are necessary to maintain a clean look and to extend the life of your investment, but there’s more that can be done. In fact, Marshall recommends that you share these Marshall tile care tips with your family or roommates.

  • Avoid scratches and scrapes from things like chairs and furniture, whenever possible. Scratches and cracks provide an easy opening for dirt to enter. Placing protective mats under chairs and furniture helps to minimize the problem.
  • Wash tile regularly with a neutral cleaner and remove water as soon as possible.
  • Vacuum regularly.
  • We caution you against using wax on your tile floors.
  • Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners and bleach that can discolor your grout.
  • Ask for the help of everyone in your home by asking them to clean up spills quickly. This will help to avoid discoloration from possible chemicals in the liquid.

Marshall tile care helps to keep your home looking its best. Guests and family members appreciate the clean, well-kept atmosphere, and you get the added benefit of long-term protection of your investment.


Marshall sealing for tile & grout provides you with quality and reliability against future spills and stains. Once the tile is clean, a finishing coat of our clear sealant protects your grout and keeps it looking incredible. Marshall’s clear sealant penetrates the grout surface to create a protective barrier against spills and permanent stains. It also ensures that future tile and grout cleanings yield the best possible results. We recommend waiting 30 minutes before walking on the floor so the sealant can dry properly. Because it takes 24 hours to cure completely, avoid any liquid from coming in contact with the sealant during that time.

Marshall makes tile and grout cleaning easy and hassle-free. An average-size room (up to 300 square feet) takes up to an hour to clean. Times vary based on tile size, amount of soil in the grout lines, and room configuration. If you choose to include sealant, it typically takes about a total of 2 to 3 hours to complete.


Sealer is going to reduce the appearance of any stains that could accumulate on the grout and on the tile. Moisture is going to become more difficult to build up in and around the surface with sealing as well. In rooms that have a lot of steam and humidity, a lot of moisture can get into the grout and destroy the tiles.

Grout that is sealed is a lot easier to clean than unsealed grout. Once the grout has been sealed, it should be cleaned and maintained with a ph neutral cleaner. By properly cleaning the grout you will notice that the grout will stay in better condition for a longer period of time.

The overall cost is going to be more efficient with a sealer over the grout. Grout tends to wear away more quickly when it is not sealed, so it will crack and become hard to manage. This will force you to replace it more often than if it was sealed, leading to higher costs overall. By adding a sealer, you are ensuring the grout will benefit your floor for a longer period of time.

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