Searching for carpet cleaning in Knoxville? Marshall Cleaning Service provides excellent, professional service.  Marshall’s strong reputation has given them the right to be called Knoxville’s #1 Carpet Cleaning Company.   Marshall has a great track record of serving both residential and commercial clients.  Marshall uses the very best state-of-the-art truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment; the most proven techniques and the the highest training standards for all of our team members. Marshall provides each of their customers with a 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE!   Marshall stands behind their work and you’ll never be disappointed! Before your carpet is cleaned, please remove breakables and items from tables and other furniture that will be moved by our technicians.  Remove all small items such as toys, boxes, magazines, shoes, etc. in the areas to be cleaned.  Also, arrange for pets and children to be away from the areas where we will be cleaning. Contact us today to learn more.

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